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Depression, Anxiety, PTSD/Trauma, Codependency, Substance Abuse, or Alcoholism, causing difficulty in your life, relationships, or work?

If any of these are issues you would like help addressing, then let's talk. Perhaps PTSD, depression or anxiety are barriers in your life. Perhaps you are self medicating with substances to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, or trauma. Or perhaps you are struggling with codependent behaviors that stop you from growing. I am trained in a variety of treatment modalities to help you connect with your healthy self and get back on your path to a balanced life.

I specialize in working with trauma, addiction, codependency, depression, and anxiety. After sessions with me, I hope for clients to feel that the world is a little bit safer than before, that they have more power and strength than they believed, and that others, like me, are here to support them.

Specialties include:

Childhood trauma and neglect

Things happen in childhood. Sometimes you may compare your childhood to other’s and think, “it really wasn’t that bad,” or “I don’t recall much about it.”  Sometimes you get your physical needs met, but your family neglected your emotional or social needs. Adult relationships are impacted by childhood trauma or neglect, even if “it wasn’t that bad.”


Depression and anxiety

Episodes of depression and anxiety have increased substantially in recent years for so many different reasons. Men and women need new coping skills and treatment in these trying times, I can help you find ways to reduce symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. If you are interested in exploring antidepressants or other medications, I can consult with your provider as needed.


Medical and dental trauma and anxiety

So many people have experienced trauma while seeking medical or dental treatments. It can create anxiety and avoidance of any future help. I can help you reduce that anxiety and fear, so you can go back and take care of your medical and dental needs. I can consult with your provider as needed.


Addiction and codependency

When alcohol or other substances take center stage in your life, and you watch everything else important to you be pushed to the side, it’s time to admit there is a problem. Therapy, in addition to substance use counseling, can help you not only change the behaviors associated with substance abuse, but can help heal some of the underlying mental health or trauma issues.


If you are one of the important people being pushed aside by substance abuse, you deserve to have a safe place to heal from this problem as well. Remind yourself that you deserve happiness, and/or that you don’t have to repeat the family cycle of being with active substance or alcohol abusers.


Women of a Vintage Age:
Finding your superpower beyond menopause

The music you grew up with, the fashion that was yours, is all vintage and retro now. Neon was bad the first time around. Your daughters are in full blown hormone phase while you are leaving it.  Everyone is having mood swings. Too many menopausal symptoms to count, and it all can be overwhelming. Let’s talk about the changes, finding good doctors who are up to date with treatments, and how to find your superpowers.


Women who experienced surgical menopause due to hysterectomy or oophorectomy need extra support when faced with this sudden loss. I can support you through this experience and direct you to additional resources.  


Call or email me to schedule a free, 15-min phone consultation to see if I might be a good fit for your needs.


Types of Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an extensively researched, effective psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and panic disorders. Created by Francine Shapiro. 

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